Yamato (Kuroneko) Overhauls English Website; Redelivery, Pickup Now Available in English Online

Looks like my previous posts on how to arrange a redelivery via Yamato (Kuroneko) will become almost obsolete! (Though I still recommend them for Japanese/kanji reading practice, if anything).

Yamato completely redid the English version of their website, and now it resembles the Japanese version of the site, unlike the old version, as seen below:

Yamato, Kuroneko, Japan, redelivery, shipping,
New Yamato (Kuroneko) English website

With the new site, you can request a redelivery online in English (pictured below) via the site, in a seemingly simplified process (versus a multiple-step process on the Japanese site), and it doesn't appear that you need to sign up as you are required to via the Japanese version of the site. Using that same form, you can also request a pickup of package for shipping or to have your luggage taken to the airport (previously, you could only request a pickup in English via phone).

Yamato, Kuroneko, English, redelivery, pickup, form, Japan, shipping
Yamato Online English redelivery, pickup request form
You can also request a redelivery by phone, in English, with the auto-delivery phone service.

They have even explained the redelivery notice in English for those who may not be able to read it.

And of course, they break down all of their other services in English as well. I think this is a great step in the right direction for companies being more accessible to foreigners living in Japan.

In summary, Yamato (Kuroneko) has revamped their English website and now offers the following services (among others):
  • Internet redelivery in English
  • Phone redelivery in English (auto)
  • Online package or luggage pickup request in English

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