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A Guided Tour of Surviving in Japan: (without much Japanese)

You're newly arrived here, you see a few recent posts on the main page, but unsure of where to go next? To help you get the most out of Surviving in Japan and the wealth of useful content you'll find here, I've compiled some good places to start on this page.

If you're wondering what Surviving in Japan is, essentially it's an unconventional how-to guide on living in Japan, one created out of my curiosity and desire to gain a better understanding of how to live in Japan as an expat, or "foreigner", or "gaijin" as other expats in Japan often refer to each other. The information you'll find throughout this blog is unique, and most of it you won't find anywhere else.

For more about Surviving in Japan, and who I am (Ashley, the author of this blog), feel free to read the About page.

Now, where to go first? 

If you are planning a move to Japan, try Packing for Japan - Q&A
And for those first few weeks, try, 8 tools for surviving in Japan

Here's what others have found most helpful - according to traffic:

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Daily Life
Pregnancy & Childbirth
From the Sempai - series
Q&A - series
Moving in Japan

Finally, you may want to check out The Best of Surviving in Japan 2010.


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