As I post updates, I will gradually list any relevant links here. Or, if I come across any helpful links
that I don't write about, I'll be compiling those here as well. Have ideas? Feel free to share.

Daily Goods

Amazon Japan - source for nearly everything, including food and toiletries. Can order in English. - Large e-drugstore with an English and Japanese version of the site.

Muji - Variety of goods including clothes, furniture and housewares. Stores all over Japan plus online shopping in Japanese.

Tokyu Hands - Store with a large variety of products (also a good source of organic/natural products). Shops in large cities around Japan, and online shopping in Japanese.

Daily Life

CLAIR Japan Living Information - Multilingual living information on all the basics of living in Japan.

Japan Meteorological Agency - Weather, emergency information.

Japan Fast - a great English directory for services throughout Japan. - Updated weather information, plus index info for pollen, laundry drying, among other things. (Japanese)

Wiki-TELL - Directory of English-language services in Japan (not yet comprehensive).

Dictionaries & Translation

Google Translate - An online web and text translator.

Weblio - Online Japanese/English dictionary.

SpaceALC - Another Japanese/English dictionary (but doesn't breakdown kanji).

Food Shopping and Delivery

The Flying Pig - Costco in Japan, online ordering.

Foreign Buyer's Club - Distributor of American products in Japan.

iHerb - Vitamins, supplements and natural health products, online ordering, cheap shipping to Japan. Clicking this link will give you $5 off your first order (affiliate link).

The Meat Guy - Imported meat products (including turkey) and other goods.

Natural House - Organic and natural foods; can order online and also stores around Japan.

Ohtsuya - Bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruit and spices online (Japanese).

Oisix - Vegetable box delivery (Japanese).

Tengu Natural Foods - Organic, vegetarian, eco-friendly food and products, online or catalog order.

Internet Sign-ups

Asahi Net - Broadband internet with English customer service.

BB Apply - Sign up for high speed internet in English.

Mail & Delivery

DHL Japan (English)

FedEx Japan (English)

Japan Post - The main postal service in Japan.

Sagawa - Shipping company. English site.

UPS Japan (English)

Yamato (Kuroneko) - Shipping company. English site.


Japanese Law Translation - English translations of the main Japanese laws online by the Ministry of Justice. Good resource.

Japan Legal Support Center - Provide legal assistance (in English) and direct you to where you can go for help for legal matters that may arise.


Japan Healthcare Info - Medical info, English/Japanese translations of medical terms, and free services to find English-speaking doctors and other specifics in Japan. Also provide interpreter services for a fee.

The M3 Mediated Multilingual Medical Communication Support System - Online translating system. Useful when going to non-English-speaking doctor.

Medical English Dictionary Online - Useful for looking up conditions and symptoms to get the Japanese translation.


Japan Times - Largest English newspaper in Japan.

Japan Today - Japan news and discussion

Daily Yomiuri - Japan news

Metropolis Magazine

Tokyo Weekender


Hyperdia - Look up train times in most parts of Japan.

Jorudan - Similar to Hyperdia.


Japan Guide - Resource for all things travel.

Working in Japan

Getting a better job as a foreigner has never been easier than with Jobs in Japan. A wide variety of industries (English teaching, Information Technology, Hospitality, etc.) and jobs are available even if you don't speak Japanese. 

Freelancing in Tokyo - Resources and useful information if you're planning to pursue alternative work in Japan.