25 Fun and Helpful Japan Links From the Past 2 Weeks - April 22

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Still sakura season!
Back again for another round of top Japan links from the past couple weeks. There wasn't as much to choose from as usual, but I think the selections below are both useful and some of them, fun! Did I miss anything you thought worth being on this list?

Living in Japan

Tokyo Police Department Announces Traffic Restrictions to Follow Major Earthquakes in Tokyo Metro Area (RocketNews24) - In case of a large earthquake, traffic restrictions will be enforced around the greater Tokyo area, followed by secondary restrictions. PDFs with more information are provided in several languages.

Teachers with two left feet struggling with dance classes (Japan Times) - Modern dance will also become a required subject for junior high students in Japan, and while some schools will bring in professionals to help train P.E. teachers, for everyone else it's not clear what will be done. Most gym teachers know nothing about how to teach dance.

Can I sue a former employer for not paying toward my pension? (Japan Times) - Are you in a similar situation? What are your rights?

Ikea opens outlet No. 6 in Fukuoka (Japan Times) - Ikea fans rejoice!

Japanese law: a solid reference book (Japan Times) - Translations of the law are also available online here.

Medicinal direction from both the East and West (Japan Times) - Thoughts on kanpo, or "Chinese medicine" or herbal medicine.

From the common cold to sleeping problems, kanpō can offer natural relief (Japan Times) - Some common kanpo blends, their names in kanji, and what they're good for.

Why good Wi-Fi is so hard to find in Japan (Japan Times) - The question so many ask when they come to Japan. Makes sense to me for the most part, although some might disagree. What do you think?

Retailers, restaurants turning to foreign rice (Japan Times) - California rice in Japan? Yes, it's true.

Bridgestone to recall nearly 10,000 Jobno bicycles with radioactive baskets (Japan Times) -

H&M to open second outlet in Gifu (Japan Times) - H&M just opened in Nagoya, and now heading to Gifu. Where next, I wonder?

Hulu Japan Cuts Price 2/3 To 980 Yen (Asiajin) - One way to watch some of your favorite TV shows and movies, cheaper than before.

Just for Fun

One Week In Japan by Mike Matas - A fun video comprised of still shots from a week in, and all over, Japan.

Eclipse Live From Fujiyama - Did you know there will be a solar eclipse in Japan on May 20-21? Because I didn't. Panasonic is sending a team up to the summit of Fuji-san to live broadcast this event, using only solar power. Might be worth tuning in for! Official website here.

Travel & Recreation

10 alternative things to do in Tokyo (Wanderlust) - A list of mostly not-the-typical things to do in Japan's capital.

Gundam center opens on Tokyo waterfront (Japan Times) - Gundam in (his? its?) new home!

Golden Week exodus at Narita airport projected to surge 16% (Japan Times) - Golden week plans anyone? Think I'll be sticking close to home, as much as I would love a vacation!

@shortsmallsweet shared a fun blog called Tokyo Eats, full of fun photos and Tokyo restaurant reviews. Worth checking out, foodies!

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis/Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

17 prefectures may accept debris (Japan Times)

Fukushima miscarriage rate stable (Japan Times)

Bread and bequerels: a year of living dangerously (Japan Times) - Whether you think this is considered to be overly concerned or not, there are a few good links in here for places to order produce and meat from.

Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 (Japan Today)

Quake assessment projects nearly 10,000 dead in Tokyo (Japan Times) - No one really knows what will happen and when, or even how much damage there will or won't be, but still worth thinking about preparation.

Fukushima: Probability theory is unsafe (Japan Times) - Found this to be a really interesting read.

Kyushu Electric calls on customers to conserve power (Japan Today)

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