New: Most Helpful Comments on Surviving in Japan

So many of you have offered great advice, additional tips, or other useful suggestions in response to posts here on SiJ and even on Facebook and Twitter. So, although I often add helpful comments into the posts themselves, I've decided to give those comments more eyes and also just to say thank you by regularly highlighting them.

To start things off, I've gathered some feedback from the past few weeks:

Hay Fever Tips

Cee C mentioned local honey would be helpful for hay fever symptoms:

Lost in Ube suggested some special glasses to help block out pollen, along with shaking jackets before heading indoors:

Comments originally appeared on 15 Ways to Survive Hay Fever Season in Japan.

Importing Tips

ExpatButNotAnExpat helpfully expanded on my Japan Import Tax column:

While marzipan2012 shared a useful resource worth checking out called Expat Express:

Comments originally appeared on Japan Import Tax: The Basics.

Travel Insurance Advice

Anonymous and Eleanor Goldsmith offer some possible travel insurance options (if you have any suggestions, please let us know!):

Comments originally appeared on Q&A: Travel insurance options?

Hair Salons in Tokyo

Christy asked for hair salon recommendations in Tokyo (specifically, around Hiroo/Minami-Azabu) and we received the following responses:

Glasses and Opticians in Japan

Q&A: Opticians, Glasses in Japan: The entire comment thread, including Facebook responses and emails, was very helpful. I learned a lot, so please check out the comments there and feel free to leave your own!

That's it for this time around (will post again in a week or two), but many thanks to everyone for your comments, even just the "thank you" ones, as they are very much appreciated!

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