35 Valuable Japan Links From the Past 2 Weeks

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This year's sakura!
Another round of top Japan links from the past two weeks for your perusal and enjoyment. Hope you're enjoying the spring blossoms if they've popped up where you are!

Living in Japan

Asia's massive fake meds industry (CNNGo) - If you order prescription meds online, beware!

What can you do if you’re involved in a traffic accident in Japan?  (Metropolis Magazine) - This article goes into insurance related issues.

All about the Manaca (Nagoya International Center, via Japan Info Swap) - A travel pass and smart card for Nagoya area residents.

Osaka to keep register of released child sex offenders (Japan Today)

Good news for renters in Japan: Security deposits, key money on the demise (Japan Today)

Fukuoka offers cash rewards for hand grenades (Japan Today) - If you know about them, find them, see them, that is. You can also read more extensive information about this in this interesting article.

Nankai quake scenario menaces Pacific coast (Japan Times) - More earthquake/tsunami preparedness scary stuff information.


Size Up Your Tsunami Shelter With “AR Tsunami Camera” iPhone App (RocketNews24) - Basically, this free app will tell you if the building you're in will save you in the event of a tsunami.

A Smartphone Controlled Rice Cooker By Panasonic (Asiajin) - Use your Android to control how you cook your rice in this high-end cooker.


Top Tempura Chef Kondō Fumio: The Michelin-Starred Chef Who Lifted Tempura to the “Pinnacle of Cuisine” (nippon.com) - A fascinating read not only about the chef, but tempura in general. I learned a few things.

Kirin Releasing Fat-Busting Cola (RocketNews24) - I do wonder what else is in this, though...

Ebi Chili Recipe (No Recipes) 

Restaurants face ban on serving raw beef liver following E. coli discovery (Japan Times)

Miso Mashed Potatoes Recipe (Steamy Kitchen Recipes) - A cool idea, and so easy - can't believe I didn't think about trying this before!

The Perfect Vending Machine – for when you gotta have those fresh cut apples (RocketNews24)  - Apples from a vending macine, would you go for those?

Bread Revolution: Flour (I'll Make It Myself!) - A post after my own heart, Leah (who wrote a great guest post on getting an IUD in Japan) provides detailed info about various types of flour in Japan. A must-know for cooking/baking here and something I hope to cover on SiJ eventually, but definitely check out her post and blog!

Travel and Recreation in Japan

Ishin Okinawa hotels to offer rooms for Y3,000-5,000 per night (Japan Today) - A great deal (if only I could jet off to Okinawa right now...), and valid for stays between March 21 and June 30 (2012) for Okinawa Port Hotel and Okinawa Nahana Hotel & Spa, and March 21 to April 26 (2012) for Sunmarina Hotel.

'Sakura, Sakura, Sakura 2012' Yamanate Museum of Art (Japan Times) - A springtime exhibit.

Marriage in Wonderland! Now you can have a real life fairytale wedding in the land of Magic and Fantasy (RocketNews24) - How about a wedding in Japan, at Tokyo Disneyland?

Helping Tokyo menus to get found in translation (Japan Times) - Probably particularly helpful for tourists. Although, in my experience at least, you can often get English menus when eating out - more often than you think.

Special train deal offered for tourists (Japan Times) - Short term travelers can get five day rail passes good for unlimited travel in western Japan (minus a few lines), and a Kyushu-only pass is also available.

What to do when you need to find a good sushi restaurant – hire a Sushi Taxi, and get some sightseeing done at the same time! (RocketNews24) - Located in Kanazawa, this new tourist service will help you find a sushi restaurant and take you sightseeing.

Catch a glimpse of geisha at annual spring dance event in Kyoto (Japan Times) - Through April.


How much money do rice farmers need to make from farming? (Yen for Living) - Good info about TPP and rice farming.

What Does the Term 'Hapa' Mean? (Multicultural Familia) - I enjoyed watching this fun and insightful video clip.

Documentary on lives of Shizuoka Japanese-Brazilian youths completed (Japan Times) - This would be fascinating to check out.

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis/Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

60% of big municipalities test school meals' cesium (Japan Times)

Toshiba Develops Portable Gamma Camera for Visualizing Radiation Hot Spots (Japan for Sustainability) 

Officials gird for more food testing (Japan Times)

Three evacuated municipalities in Fukushima to be reclassified so some residents can return home (Japan Times)

High levels of cesium found in tanks at 18 Yokohama schools (Japan Today) - Scary...

Five cities in Niigata to accept 3/11 debris (Japan Times)

Long-term no-go areas considered; cesium found in smelt (Japan Times)

Radiation expert takes on red tape in disaster zone (Japan Times)

Strontium from No. 1 plant taints Pacific (Japan Times)

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