2011 Summer in Japan Round-up

Summer is winding down in Japan, although with the heat this year it certainly doesn’t feel like it! If you’ve been following SiJ all summer, you’ve likely already seen many of the summer-themed posts, but if you’re just joining, or if you missed some posts, you can glance through the list below. I’ve also included some other interesting summer-themed links I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy!

HOW TO: Prevent and kill cockroaches
What you can to keep this giant little pests from taking over.

      HOW TO: Find a recreational pool or water park in Japan
      If you're looking for a fun way to beat the heat...

7 tips for going to the movies in Japan
This isn’t just summer-related, but summer is prime movie time. Not to mention, theaters are usually air conditioned.

HOW TO: Stay cool without air conditioning: "Cool Air Fan" or 冷風扇
Save some money, and get better results than a regular fan.

HOW TO: Find a fireworks festival (花火大会) this summer
Fireworks festivals are the epitome of summer in Japan, so here's how to find them.

A Guide to Sunscreen in Japan
What does P++ mean? Do they guard against UVB and UVA? Can you get waterproof sunblock? Read this for more.

6 Reasons You Should Use Bamboo Charcoal (Takesumi)
Don't underestimate the fantastic qualities of bamboo, especially as charcoal.

Japanese Deodorant: What's in it, What's the Best, and What You Think
A controversial subject, what do you know about Japanese deodorant and antiperspirant? You might be surprised...

A Survival Guide to Mosquito Repellent in Japan
How to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

HOW TO: Find anti-itch, insect bite medicine in Japan
If you do get bitten, despite your best efforts, find out what you can use to bring relief.

And, some other summer-related links of interest:

Quickly Expel the Hot Air from Your Oven-Like Car with a Japanese Door Trick

It's Just Too Hot! Run Your AC As Efficiently As You Can | Re-Nest

Beat the summer heat with these highland hikes, all within easy reach of Tokyo via CNNGo

Cool drinks and eats to beat the heat via Japan Pulse

Keep a low-power kitchen this summer | Japan Times

The latest and greatest gear for keeping it cool via Japan Pulse

Hope you all enjoy the remaining weeks of summer (at least we'll likely have the heat anyway)!

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