Poll: Show alien registration card when re-entering Japan?

If you're living in Japan, need legal support or advice, and your income is limited, you may want to check out today's Lifelines column, in which I've included a few resources.

Legal help for those on a limited budget - The Japan Times

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for this same topic, definitely let me know so I can write a follow-up article with more resources.

The above column also answers a query from Andrew about the "official" policy of whether or not your alien registration card is requested and required to be shown when re-entering Japan. Immigration's official answer was that it is always requested, but I know from experience that this is not often (if ever) the case.

So, I'd like to know what your experience has been by gathering info from the anonymous survey below and hopefully publish these findings in an upcoming column (if I can get enough responses). If you've re-entered Japan (any number of times), please answer the multiple choice questions below and then share this poll with other Japan residents. Let's see if Immigration is true to their "rules." Many thanks in advance!

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