Powdered prescription? Try capsules

Those of you who’ve already been living in Japan for some time likely know that on occasion, doctors hand out medicine in powder form rather than easier-to-swallow pills. So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to not have been prescribed anything powdery (surprisingly, given my many visits to the doctor in Japan). Despite my own experience though, many people are prescribed medicine in powder form and are often stumped as to how they are supposed to take it (or, they have a miserable time taking it).

While browsing at the drug store in the first aid section, I came across a small box of “capsules”, or カプセル. The capsules are empty medicinal capsules you can use to make taking powdered medicine easier.

Empty medicine capsules at the store

There was only one brand of these at this particular store, in three different sizes, and the store also sold a small kit to help you fill the empty capsules (with a tray/stand, funnel, etc.)

You can also purchase these from Amazon Japan [affiliate link] and Kenko.com, both of which have a greater selection.

So, the next time your doctor prescribes you packages of powdery stuff and you hate the thought of trying to get it down (aside from mixing it in something to eat/drink), you may want to try some capsules.

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