Help for Curly Hair in Japan

Some of you may remember a Q&A we had a while ago about where to find a hair diffuser in Japan. Claire wrote in to say that she was able to buy a hair diffuser for less than 2000 yen at the hair salon Toni & Guy (found in various prefectures throughout Japan).

She also suggested a salon whose owner is familiar with how to work with curly hair, for those able to travel to Tokyo:
For anyone with curls in the vicinity of Tokyo, I found a wonderful salon - Nepenji in Ebisu. The owner, Kiyoko, is fluent in English and trained at the Devachan salon in New York, which specialises in curls. She not only gives me the best haircuts I've ever had (as in, I want to bring her back to England with me whenever I eventually leave!) but she has completely revolutionised my hair regime. My hair is in better condition than it's ever been before and she's the first stylist I've ever met who I feel completely relaxed with (haircuts for me often equate to trauma, esp. in Asia, but she just KNOWS what to do!). They also do amazing treatments and sell Deva (sulfate-free) products, which Kiyoko gets sent over from NY. 

If you've got curly hair and have any tips, suggestions or places to share, let us know in the comments!

Ali echoed Toni & Guy:
I totally agree with the Toni & Guy suggestion. I have naturally curly hair which I then perm to make even curlier, and Toni & Guy in Hamamatsu was the best place for me. They really understood my hair, and my hairdresser even spoke a bit of English (although I think that guy has left now). As for products, I found it quite hard to get good serums, but there were some you could find in the larger drugstores. 

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