31 Worthwhile Japan Links From the Past Two Weeks - Aug 12

He makes me want to laugh. Laughing is good!
Fake 500 yen coins, another Wendy's, advice for pet-owning apartment seekers, some fun recipes, a real-life sushi train amusement park ride, the other languages used in Japan, and more in this edition of Japan links.

Hope you're all enjoying this hot summer and take care!

Living in Japan

The size of your dog could depend on your landlord (Japan Times) - Some useful info for finding an apartment if you have a pet. And just fyi that we'll have lots of "how to find an apartment" posts coming up soon!

New foreigner IDs now bear minister's signature (Japan Times) - Those who may have gotten their new resident cards right away might want to read this.

Heat victims soar to new July record (Japan Times) - It's almost surprising to me that this continues to be in news every other day...

Identity fraud cases on the increase in Tokyo, police warn (Japan Today) - I can't believe most of these happen in person.

Counterfeit 500-yen coins circulating in Tokai (Japan Today) - So be careful if you live in Aichi!

85% of Japan's schools can survive upper-6 temblor, leaving 3,545 that can't: survey (Japan Times) - This makes me glad we live in Shizuoka, but then again, we are still expecting this next "big one"...

January-June deaths in Japan expressway accidents soar (Japan Times) - I seriously hate how truck drivers often tail us when driving. Scares me. And having one of those "baby on board" stickers doesn't seem to do much either.


Did you know you can order online from Bagel & Bagel? They have a decent selection (as much as I wish they had whole wheat). Who's tried their bagels? What do you think? As good as Costco?

Stir-fry Sukiyaki Udon (Lovely Lanvin) - Gochujang meets Japanese cuisine. 

Wendy's to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Roppongi on Aug 17 (Japan Today) - Frosty, come to meeee... Not that I expect Wendy's to appear in Shizuoka anytime soon.

Kinako Walnut Banana Pops (Cooking In Japan) - A nice cool treat for summer. If you haven't had frozen banana, you're missing out.

Eel eateries dying breed because of overfishing (Japan Times) - The tuna, the eel...


Train brakes used to draw juice (Japan Times) - Train braking will save some electricity costs, and also some toilets with warm water spray that use less electricity.

Travel and Recreation

Ride a Real Sushi Train! The Newest Attraction at the Hamanako PalPal Amusement Park  (RocketNews24) - Things like this make me super excited to have a kid to BE a kid all over again.

How not to climb Mount Fuji (Japan Times) - Why are these stories so common? Why do people just randomly think, without doing much training or hiking or whatever, that they can just climb up a decently-sized mountain? I mean tiny compared to many other mountains (especially where I'm from), but still. Prepare adequately. 

Budget airlines face challenge to develop customer loyalty (Japan Times) - What do you think? Are the low prices worth crappy service?

Just Because

6 Innovative New Japanese Houses - I really liked the design of some of these houses. Makes me want to build a house. 

Why is Northern Japan Full of Communists? - Interesting statistics site reviewed by Tofugu

Japan’s OTHER Languages (Tofugu)  - Did you know there are this many other languages used in Japan? I only knew about a few.

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis/Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

Have mercy on the animals (Japan Times) - Whether you think this guy is crazy or not, I'm impressed by his willingness to go and help the animals that were abandoned.

Most Japanese support nationwide disposal of March 2011 tsunami debris: Cabinet Office survey (Japan Times)  - And how well does this represent everyone, I wonder?

Police lessons from 3/11 (Japan Times)

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