Q&A: How to find a hair diffuser?

Q: I'm going to Japan next week and will be there until July next year and I've found your site extremely helpful. I have naturally curly hair and I use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, but I'll have to leave it at home.

In Japan, I expect that they would have plenty of hair dryers but have you come across any with a diffuser attachment; are they common? Do you know of anywhere online I can order one? Also, I've checked Amazon.jp and the majority of blow dryers are all out of stock, only one that I could see came with an attachment.


A: You're right, it's certainly easy to find blow dryers, but it seems that diffusers (ディフューザー) are a different matter, as you've mentioned. I browsed through some hair dryers at a nearby electronics store and it didn't seem as if any of them came with attachments, though some of them had different "blow" capabilities, such as "maintaining moisture," but I didn't really see anything that was like a diffuser.

However, I found some diffuser attachments online for about ¥2000-3000 or so. (The last 3 links are actually the same brand diffuser, just different places to purchase it).





Does anyone else know where you can find a hair diffuser attachment in Japan, and/or do you know of any hair dryers that come with a diffuser as an attachment?

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