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Hi everyone!

I'm excited to introduce an updated design format - hopefully one that is cleaner and a bit more simple to navigate. The top links and archive are the same as usual, but you'll notice the search box is up to the right now. I gave the logo some tweaks as well, and looking forward to showing you something else design-related in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that! (I updated my Twitter background too... about time, huh?)

If you run into anything amiss while browsing around, feel free to let me know, or if there is some kind of feature you would like to see, feel free to contact me about that as well.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone, for your constant support, ideas, feedback, and for sharing your own experiences. I truly enjoy interacting with everyone and your support has meant a lot to me, as has getting to know other expats all around Japan and those around the world. You are such an awesome community.

Finally, I'm doing a short little poll. I started this discussion on Facebook, (thanks to those of you who have responded thus far!) but would love any and all comments. You can reply in the comments below, email me, reply via Twitter, or let me know over on Facebook. It's short, so it won't take anytime at all. Thanks much in advance!


For those that have been living in Japan for at least one-two years, what do you WISH you had known about living in Japan before coming and during the first year or so? (i.e. what might have made your life simpler or just all around better?)

For those who are NOT in Japan yet or still in your first year, what would you like to know (or need to know) about living in Japan? (i.e. what do you worry about, what are your concerns, if you could ask any question to those already here, what would you ask?)

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