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As you may know, Surviving in Japan functions from my research, experiences and free time; your support, ideas, guest posts, and feedback; and, more recently, kind sponsors. Today I'd like to introduce The H&R Group, Surviving in Japan's current sponsor.

The H&R Group offers a variety of real estate, relocation and life-enrichment services to ensure smooth transitions for expats in Japan, particularly for those of you moving to or living in Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya. And they help not only assignees and their families, but also the companies they work for.

For a better idea of what services they provide, The H&R Group family consists of:

Japan Home Search

An extensive English real estate and apartment listings site to help you find the perfect home when relocating or moving to Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya. (And it's not that easy to find and rent an apartment in Japan - if you can't speak Japanese or don't have a friend who can help you get through most of the process, it's probably better to find an English-speaking real estate agent.)

Relo Japan

They offer personalized and cost effective relocation services in Japan with a wide range of support, including home search, short and long term accommodation, immigration assistance, and more.

Lease Japan

Provides leasing and sales of new and used cars, as well as a large selection of household appliances and furniture.

Japan Driver's License

Learn about converting your foreign driver’s license to a Japanese driver’s license. Use our tools and free information to help you pass the written and driving test.

Japan Residence

For those of you living in or moving to Nagoya, they offer apartments with the furnished comforts of home and the services of a hotel. For short or long term stays.

Japan Info Swap

Japan Info Swap provides a wealth of information about living in Tokyo, Nagoya, and throughout Japan in an easily accessible online community. The provide answers to frequently asked questions through their blog, X-Pat Files newsletter and free ebook about living in Japan.

They're ready to help you and your family make your transition to Japan easier, so if you need some assistance in any of these areas, please check out The H&R Group!

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