26 Fun and Useful Japan Links - Nov 20

Oooooo, it's illumination time! 
Happy Fall and Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Here's another round of plenty of fun links, plus quite a few useful and informative ones. Enjoy!

Living in Japan

Splitting up: 50-50 is default when dividing assets at divorce | Japan Times

Safecast iOS app | Japan Pulse - A useful app for checking radiation levels (reports submitted by users)

Active faults found under Nagoya | Japan Times - Apparently they just discovered these, which surprised me. Really? Just found them?

Edy accounts now chargeable directly from personal bank accounts | Japan Today

Encephalitis vaccine deemed safe; no link found to deaths | Japan Times

Yearly Warm Biz campaign on to cut heat use | Japan Times - In four years, this is the first year I've heard of "Warm Biz", at least in an blatant way.

Fair trade slowly catching on here | Japan Times - Yay!

Japan to see normal to above-average temperatures this winter | Japan Today - This gives me hope...

Understanding your ambulance | Alice Gordenker - Some useful phrases when you're driving/walking/cycling and an ambulance passes through:

From Portable Toilets to Fake Eyelashes: A Guide to Japan’s Awesome 100 Yen Shops | RocketNews24

Nearly half of Japan's doctors in poor health or worried about physical, mental state: survey | Japan Times


How to find a turkey in Japan | Cooking In Japan - Go find a bird if you want one. Yoyo Market also has them.

Return of Cinnabon | Metropolis - This made me excited and sick at the same time... And gave me the urge to brush my teeth.

McDonald’s Japan to Close 110 Stores, Expand Home Delivery Service in 2013 | RocketNews24

Eating on Trains in Japan: Survey Asks “How Much is Too Much?” | RocketNews24 - What do you think? What's your stance on eating in public, or on trains or buses?

Kenchinjiru Recipe | No Recipes - A vegan Japanese soup

How To Eat Like A Buddhist Monk, Part 4: Get Cooking! | Tofugu

Kabocha Squash Pie with Spiced Crust - I haven't tried this yet, but looks pretty good and doesn't require adapting a pumpkin pie recipe to use kabocha.

Yoyo Market now has Reeses Pieces

If you live in an area with a Domino's Pizza, they're doing their crazy discounts again for folks who meet certain criteria, such as: if you're wearing your hair in pigtails, if you have a mustache or beard, or if you're wearing 80s-style clothes, among other things.

Travel and Recreation

Tokyo Skytree to be open on New Year's Day for 1,000 sunrise viewers | Japan Times

Disney’s Dreamland Illuminations in Harajuku Light up Your World, You Won’t Want to Go Home | RocketNews24


World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth to Open in Japan | Spoon & Tamago

Airport pickup SIM cards available | Japan Times

New Game Launched for Learning About Okinawa while Driving Electric Vehicle | Japan for Sustainability

Need gloves you can use with your smartphone? You don't need to buy new ones with this product.  But it's also not to hard to find touchscreen gloves. Some local stores, Loft, and Muji, among other places, have them. Muji's are fairly inexpensive.

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