Q&A: Tall and Plus Size Clothing in Japan

We've talked about the difficulties of finding tall and plus size clothes in Japan before, but today we have a couple questions from readers regarding trying to find specific stores, so I'm hoping those of you in the know in those locations will have some advice (or at the very least, please share this post around so someone who does know might see it and share). I know are individual stores in certain areas offering plus or tall size clothes, but these vary by city and region. I'd like to compile of list of any known stores for future reference.

Of course, we all know ordering online is an option and many stores ship to Japan nowadays, but in this post we're referring specifically to stores in Japan.


"I'm a 6 foot (around 182cm) guy with 30+cm feet. Where can I buy suits in Tokyo that are light enough for Japanese summer weather and large enough for me, and shoes that fit me without, (pardon the pun) losing my shirt?"

- Kerry

"I'm going to Japan this fall to study abroad for a year and I'm desperately looking for advice from anyone in Japan who might know where I can find plus sized clothing. I'm a size 22 US so I know it's quite a stretch, and I am planning to bring a good supply of clothes with me, but... if the need arises, I'd really like to know where I can find clothes in Japan. Thanks so much! PS: I'll be in Nagoya."

- Victoria

A: Because we received so many responses, I compiled a nice long list in this post, instead.

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