Most Helpful Comments on Surviving in Japan - May 11

We're back with another around of most helpful comments from the past couple weeks. Received a few suggestions regarding where/how to get spices and herbs in Japan, a deodorant tip, one idea to repel mosquitoes, several resources for Japanese law references in English and one place to get eclipse glasses in  Hokkaido.


From Living abroad, on deodorant in Japan:
"I found a Recycle shop in Minami Gyotoku carries several deodorants including Old Spice, Secret, Suave, Speed Stick and OMG even Teen Spirit!  There is also a Men's liquid deodorant in a green bottle here that works really well."

A few of you had some things to add to the post on spices and herbs in Japan.

Djinnwired recommends the following resource:
" is amazing... It's an Indian online grocery store. They do bulk spices and rice (most of the Indian restaurants around here buy from ambika) as well as smaller sizes, instant curries, stacks, frozen vege and lentils/dried pulses. If your oder goes over a certain amount (I think 10,000?) you get a free Bollywood DVD!"
"I agree that ordering online is the way to go -  my No.1 stop for (organic) herbs and spices and nuts/seeds/dried fruit, etc. is this Rakuten shop."
"I can find the basics even in my local 100yen shop (Lemon House) which stocks a decent selection. They had tumeric, paprika and garlic powder too."
Editor's note: You can find Lemon House in Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Aichi, Saitama and Yamagata. You might want to check the 100 yen shops near you to see what they have.

We're more or less back to mosquito season, and Connie suggested growing citronella, in response to how to keep the mosquitoes at bay.
"When we lived in Michigan, the mosquitos were so big people said they would carry you away! Smoke, the coils work very well - when you combine with real Citronella plants.
Found this for you: Citronella is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating mosquito repellents. The distinctive citronella aroma is a strong smell which masks other attractants to mosquitoes, making it harder for them to find you. Although citronella is used in many forms, such as scented candles, torches and citronella ‘scented’ plants, the living plant is more effective because it has a stronger smell."

James recommended several resources to reference Japanese laws in English, including:
  • "A 1974 catalogue published by Eibunhooreisha 「英文法令社」-- 29 pages list the contents of 10 volumes of English translations of Japanese laws, regulations and Cabinet orders. Volume 2 alone includes the Commercial, Criminal and Civil codes."
  • Japanese Law by Hiroshi Oda. James says, "The book is a well-written overview of the Japanese legal system and laws. (I bought and read the 1992 first edition while still living in Japan and, even though I no longer live there, intend to buy the updated 2009 edtion too.)
  • Books by J. Mark Ramseyer, in particular, Odd Markets in Japanese History: Law and Economic Growth.

Still looking for special glasses to view the eclipse on May 20/21? Kimberly recommended Kitamura, and Elizabeth mentioned that Homac in Hokkaido is selling them at the registers.


Many thanks to all for sharing your tips and resources!

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