Breastfeeding in Japan: Nursing Room Locator App

For any mothers who breastfeed but also for parents who bottle-feed and/or change diapers, it helps to know where you can go when out and about. I previously covered two helpful resources for finding nursing rooms in Japan, and in response, Annamarie sent me an email about a useful little app called Milpas.

The name might sound a little strange, but this app allows you to search for nursing room locations in Japan on your iPhone, in English (though, names and such are Japanese, as to be expected).

The main screen - you can add a photo if you'd like to fill the gray background.

As you can see on the main screen, you have options for "Nursing Locations," "Growth Diary" and "BBS." Personally I use a different app for growth and keeping track of everything (Total Baby, if you're interested - it's really helpful), but if you just want a simple place to keep track (not including your Mother and Child Health Handbook) you might find that feature useful.

BBS allows you to chat with other parents, although so far it doesn't seem like anyone really uses it.

In this post I want to focus on the "Nursing Locations" feature.

Once you click on "Nursing Locations," you have a few options, such as searching by nearest location (using location services on your phone), or searching by keyword. You can also bookmark locations, which will be saved under the "Bookmark" option above.

Choosing "Nearest Location" results in a list of places closest to your location - in Japanese.
You can also choose "View Map" (upper right corner under the "Nearest Locations" option), which will open Google maps and show pins of the listed nursing locations relative to where you are.

Choose any result and you are given the available information, including name, address, phone number, location at place (such as if it's in a building), what facilities it might have, hours and website (the latter two aren't shown in the following image - have to scroll down within the window for them).

The red words in English are mine, but you can bookmark the location, add it as a contact, open the location in maps with a marked route, or email the result to yourself or a friend.

Currently available only for iPhone. There is also a Japanese language version (search for ミルパス in the Japan iTunes store.) According to their about information they also have plans to expand the app to other countries as well.

Thanks to Annamarie for the tip!

If you have any suggestions for helpful apps you think other expats living in Japan would find helpful, please let me know.

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