Alcoholism in Japan: Information and Support [Lifelines]

Living in a foreign country isn't always easy. For some people it's downright stressful on a regular basis. Others might feel depressed or constantly anxious. And in many cases, problems or issues you faced in your home country might surface to a greater extent while you're living abroad.

Then what?

What if you're struggling alone and have no support system, or your support system is across an ocean, thousands of miles away? 

It is possible to get help here in Japan if you can't speak any Japanese, even if it's difficult in some cases, especially if you live out in the countryside.

I'd like to refer to alcoholism in particular though for today, as my latest Lifelines column delves into alcoholism in Japan, how it's perceived, how difficult or easy it can be for foreigners to deal with it in Japan, and treatment and support options. 

I hope that this may be of help to you or those you know who may be seeking help. Please do let me know if you have any resources or thoughts to add regarding dealing with alcoholism in Japan. 

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