what are your favorite Japan food blogs?

Someone asked me earlier today on Twitter for some Japan and Japanese food-based blogs (in English, with recipes). Granted, when you first come to Japan you may not know what to do with the variety of new ingredients (unless you had access to them in your previous location). Of course, there are also plenty of ways to locate food you're familiar with to make a wide variety of recipes.

Homemade sourdough whole-grain pancakes...

In my experience, I have found myself hardly limited to what I can make here. Yes, some recipes cost a bit more than what I may have spent on them in the U.S., but overall, I've found a happy medium. My husband and I cook not only Japanese food, but a wide variety of other cuisines, with a special focus on natural/healthy/organic. (My RSS food blog list is so. long.)

So, I'd like to introduce to you some of my favorite Japan food blogs, and if I miss any of your favorites, please share them in the comments! (I know there hundreds and hundreds of food blogs out there, and many more food blogs covering restaurants and the like, but for now, let's just focus on those providing recipes).

Just Hungry and Just Bento - both written by Makiko Itoh, and each has an extensive list of recipes. Definitely a go-to resource for Japanese food (especially if you don't know how to cook/make it at all)!

Tokyo Terrace - written by Rachel, who wrote a tips post for SiJ previously. She utilizes the ingredients around her and comes up with a lot of creative ideas.

Lovely Lanvin - written by Shirley, who currently lives in my stomping ground of Seattle, but hails from Japan. Another good source for Japanese food recipes. (She also wrote a tips post for living in Japan for SiJ).

Cooking in Japan - Kirsten focuses on healthy cooking with local ingredients - more good ideas here.

Raw Bento - For any raw foodies out there, Yu Ming writes about eating raw while living in Japan. Even if you aren't 100% raw, some of her posts may inspire you to concoct something similar. (She also wrote a tips post about skincare on SiJ).

She Who Eats - a blog about food and other musings in Japan. Regularly published recipes.

La Fuji Mama - Rachael, though not in Japan anymore, lived in Japan previously and has an extensive number of recipes based on cuisines from around the world, but you'll definitely find plenty using Japan-specific ingredients and/or based on Japanese cuisine.

Savory Japan has a lot of Japanese food recipes as well.

You also may find some good ideas among the ideas submitted by other Japan bloggers for the November Japan Blog Matsuri (theme was food!)

How about you? What blogs have you found helpful in finding recipes to make in Japan?

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