Q&A: Looking for contact lenses...

It seems that it's quite easy to find disposable contact lenses (in local stores and online), but as I don't wear glasses or contacts I was hoping those of you who do could offer your expert advice for this Q&A.

Q: I was wondering if you could give me any information on buying daily/disposable contact lenses online or from a store (in Japan). Where's the cheapest place to buy them, etc. Thanks.


A: I'm no expert when it comes to contact lenses in general, so I want to defer this to the readers, but I was able to find a list of "one day" or daily contact lenses via Amazon.jp.

So readers, I'll add to the "A" part with your answers - what do you recommend? Any brands or types you prefer? Best place to get them? Cheapest options? Please let us know below!

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