7 Useful Resources for Winter and the Holidays in Japan

It's freeeeezing cold here in Shizuoka city today, and those winter winds I hate so much are back in full force as well. It's interesting to watch the clothes you hand outside blow sideways... And hope that you've tied everything down well enough so you won't lose anything (we've had several years of practice now).

So as we move into mid-December, meaning Christmas and New Year's are on their way, and then the coldest months of January and February, I thought I'd pull out some posts that might be useful this time of year.

1. Where to Find "Illuminations" (Christmas/Holiday Lights) in Japan

Light displays in Japan can be pretty spectacular. You'll probably see basic ones while out and about but I recommend going to a larger one if you can. Last year we went to Gotenba, Shizuoka to see the light tunnel (pictured above). The screenshots in the post are outdated, but the sites are laid out essentially the same, so it's still helpful for those of you who want to find a place to go and can't read Japanese.

2. Resources for a Very Merry Christmas in Japan

Looking for holiday decor? Food? Cards? This post has you covered.

3. HOW TO: Find a Christmas tree in Japan

Self-explanatory. Muji is also renting out live trees this year for those in certain areas of the Kanto region -- you have until tomorrow to reserve one!

4. 24 Ways to Stay Warm in Japan This Winter

Whether home or out and about, you'll find plenty of ideas in this post to stay warm.

5. 8 ways to winterize your Japanese apartment (or house)

Bubble wrap your windows (or the entire frame), hang up some thick blankets, and get some insulation tape! I know many, if not most of you, live in cold, drafty homes, so this post might come in handy.

6. HOW TO: Heat Your Home (and Stay Warm) in Japan This Winter

Everything you need to know about heaters in Japan and heating your home, including popular models.

7. HOW TO: Customize Your Drinks at Starbucks or Tully's in Japan

For the times you stop for a hot expensive beverage...

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