29 Click-worthy Japan Links - Sep. 21

Hey all - I've had an awful lot going on lately, and realized I completely missed a links post a week ago. So I'm playing catch up. Hope you've been all been doing well! Enjoy.

Living in Japan

Tokyo the most expensive city in the world for food: UBS | Japan Times - I seriously wonder what they bought, though. A couple 10,000 yen melons, perhaps?

How To Identify A Kanji That You Don’t Know | Tofugu - This has some great ideas for anyone trying to get by reading kanji here in Japan. I also highly recommend iphone app Shinkanji

Who can guarantee you'll get your dream apartment? | Japan Times - It's interesting, though, because we didn't need a guarantor... 

Foreigners barred at Haneda can get legal aid | Japan Times

Contact Lenses | Japanzine - This seems like a useful service for those who might need contact lenses while in Japan.

Tokyo firms asked to stockpile water, food just in case | Japan Times

Travel and Recreation

We Catch a Glimpse of the Elusive “Shadow Fuji” | RocketNews24

JR East plans free Wi-Fi for tourists | Japan Times - And not just for tourists! Anyone can use it.


New Facebook status allows Japan users to declare organ donor intent | Japan Times - Although this isn't the official way to do it so might cause some problems.


Pizza Power | Tokyo Cheapo - Mostly applies to Tokyo (of course), but some good general tips.

Get More for Your Yen at CoCo Ichibanya | RocketNews24 - Good tip if you like CoCo curry!

Soup curry — a spicy slurp of Hokkaido | Japan Times

Asian Tofu Cookbook | Tea & Cookies - I'm particular about how I like tofu, so this seems like it'd be a resourceful book. 


For the Kids

Seishonen Fukushi Center | Metropolis - A unique children's home for older youth.

Self-Harming Teens | Sophelia's Adventures in Japan - There are kids here who need help; so what can we do? How can we help?

Disaster-area kids under hard stress | Japan Times - Awful. So sad.

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