22 Cool Japan Links From the Past 2 Weeks - July 29

At a temple entrance

Well, we're all moved into our new apartment, with some unpacking left to do still, of course. Please enjoy this latest collection of Japan links from the past two weeks, covering a wide range of topics, from 120 yen per square meter of land being sold in Hokkaido, to blue ramen and curry, to some fun summer words, to why Japan needs family doctors.

Pour yourself a glass of non-Japanese lemonade or some mugicha (or whatever your preferred cold beverage is) and relax a bit.

Living in Japan 

PV Solar Panels 'DMM Solar' for Individuals Cost Only U.S. $976 (Japan for Sustainability) - I've seen solar panels popping up on roof tops all over the place.

5,467 hospitalized for heatstroke (Japan Times) - Please be careful!

A need to move to patient centered: Why Japan needs 'family doctors' (AJW by The Asahi Shimbun) - I definitely think there's a need for general practitioners here in Japan. Specialists are great and all, but sometimes it's impossible to know who to see first...

Law firm specializing in foreigners to open in October (Japan Times) - Granted, the firm is in Tokyo, but in case it's a help to anyone...

Urbanites urged to head up, not down, to survive tsunami (Japan Times) - I'm not sure who in their right mind would instinctively want to go down versus up with a monster tsunami approaching, but... good to know info, anyway.

Remote Hokkaido town selling land for Y120 per sq meter (Japan Today) - If it's not already obvious, they're desperate to repopulate their town.


Shaved ice: the traditional antidote to summer swelter (Japan Times)  - Can't say I'm a fan (expensive for a cup of ice and bland sugar syrup, not that I've had any gourmet types), but a good read about kakigori nonetheless.

How cheap cuisine can save your town (Japan Times) - The amazingness of B-grade gourmet. Has anyone else tried Fujinomiya yakisoba? So yummy. What types of b-grade cuisine do you have in your area?

Or blue curry? (Hat tip to @TokyoXOXO)

Raw foodies, I found a resource for you. Also a good source for relatively inexpensive nuts, seeds, coconut oil, etc.

Just Because

Japanomatopoeia (Metropolis) - Some fun summer words.

Travel and Recreation

Auto-linked firms launch 'super discount' rentals (Japan Times) - Looking for discount car rentals? Here are some ideas. More for folks doing day errands, etc., but useful info.

Party at night with the animals at Japan's zoos (Japan Times) - Kids not sleeping? How about a trip to the zoo to see the animals at night? (Versus during the day when most of them are sleeping...)

Most tour bus firms sidestepping rules (Japan Times) - Somewhat disconcerting...

Tokyo, in Legos! (RocketNews24) - Because what's better than legos? 

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis/Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

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