Q&A: Apartment Hunting in Tokyo and Yokohama

I received a question from Srishti regarding apartment and location recommendations for the Tokyo/Yokohama area. I haven't lived there myself so can't personally recommend anything and I'm hoping those of you in the area will have some advice.

Side note: It's funny timing, actually, as I'll be moving elsewhere here in Shizuoka, Japan with David and the baby this summer, so there will be lots of moving-in-Japan related information coming in a few months! If you have a story to share about moving in Japan, feel free to let me know and with enough responses I might be able to compile a useful "experiences" post.

Q: Could you possibly guide me with how to choose an apartment in Yokohama or Tokyo? I know there is private versus public housing... but I'm not sure of the pros and cons and whether is it economical to get a furnished or non-furnished apartment or even what questions to ask. I'm moving from Germany so this is my second international move.

A: So, readers living (or have recently lived) in Tokyo and/or Yokohama, what do you recommend? Many thanks in advance for your help!

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