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Q: Beverly asked over on Facebook how and where to buy concert tickets in Japan (more specifically,  for the upcoming Lady Gaga concert in May). I know you can buy tickets at various convenience stores in Japan (here's the Lawson page for the event), but I haven't actually been to a concert here myself, so haven't gone through the process of purchasing concert tickets.

I know many of you have, so what are your best Japan concert ticket buying tips for Beverly? Is a convenience store the best option? I'll compile your answers in the "A" section.

A: Here are some of the reader responses we've received so far:

From JW:

"For a big event like this buying from a convenience store is absolutely the way to go. Lawson and Family mart are the two that I know sell them. You have to go to the electric kiosk thing and search for the concert. If you know the Lコード for the concert (which you can see on the page for that Lady Gaga concert) you can just search for that at Lawson and it will come up. If you don't know the Lコード or you buy it at a Family Mart you can just search for the concert by city, date, and venue. Once you find the show you can print out a receipt to take to the counter where you will pay. There is a small service fee of about 100 yen, but it's worth it for the convenience."


Maha writes:

"Getting them that day will be very difficult. They will sell out within a minute, and that includes both online and at Lawson. Here's a text guide to using Loppi: http://www.tokyogigguide.com/tickets  Here's a video guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu_z2UGEWx4 May be slightly outdated, as Lawson continually changes the Loppi interface, but you can ask a staff member to help you if you get lost.

"When Gaga came to Japan before, I tried to get tickets online and the site crashed and when it came back up the tickets were gone. But then - they announced more concert dates! I was smarter that time and signed up for the pre-order service with the company associated with the concert for Y5,000 yen/year - Creativeman Productions (http://www.creativeman.co.jp/).  That time, I got tickets for me and 9 other people. Our tickets were also better seats than a couple friends who had gotten normal access to the new concert date ahead of time by accident.

"The preorder time for the Saitama concert is already over, but be on the lookout in case they announce other concert dates in the next few days. There will be another preorder period then."


@dariamoe shares on Twitter:

"Here's the link and scroll [down] for Gaga: http://metropolis.co.jp/listings/concerts/?concerts=1

"Basically the payment process is like buying a bus ticket. :) Book online, pay at Family Mart or Lawson."


Thanks for the helpful responses everyone! If you have any other tips to add, let us know!

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