25 Useful and Informative Japan Links From the Past 2 Weeks

Sunset outside a train station in summer. I miss summer. Desperately.
Here we are with another round of Top Japan Links from the past two weeks. I'm now sick with the flu and trying to prevent the baby from catching it. So whilst I try to rest and recover, please enjoy, and have a lovely Valentine's Day! -Ashley

Living in Japan

Flu outbreak hits more than 2.11 million nationwide (Japan Today) - I'm now one of those numbers, unfortunately. Please be careful...

Depression is a national ailment that demands open recognition in Japan (Japan Times)

Police caution more than 10,000 in Tokyo for breaking bicycle rules (Japan Today) - Look out Tokyo cyclists on the 10th of each month.

Government to create new child care program in '15 (The Daily Yomiuri) - This is essentially to combine kindergartens and day care centers.

More part-timers to become eligible for health insurance, pension programs (Japan Today)

Japan takes #1 spot for most shipments from U.S. (Japan Today) - Expats living in Japan aren't the only ones ordering from abroad! Also talks about a useful company that can act as your U.S.-based address.

Tokyo, Saitama, Kagoshima enter Hay Fever season (The Daily Yomiuri) - Link is in Japanese, but if you have Springtime allergies, you may want to start your preparations...

Privacy and Net cafes — a tale of two cities (Japan Times) - I had no idea sexual assault happens in internet cafes. What do you think, how private should internet cafes be?

Immigration cuts lengthy detention for foreigners (Japan Times) - Hopefully you never find yourself in this situation, though.

On a similar note, @lkp48 said "Narita now has signs saying "you must produce your alien card" if you hold a reentry permit." - Has anyone else seen this?

KDDI's 'au Smart Pass' offers unlimited app download at flat rate (Japan Today) - Starting from March 1st.

24% of coastal municipalities lack plans for issuing evacuation alerts (Japan Times) - This is a bit disconcerting... 

Just for Fun

Gundam park to open in Odaiba (Japan Times) - Gundam is no longer in Shizuoka, but you can check him out now in Odaiba.

Let’s Get a Foursquare Limited Tokyo Badge! (Asiajin) - If you're on Foursquare and are or will be in Tokyo in the near future, you may want to get this special, limited-time badge.

On Finding a Rubbish Bin in Japan (This Japanese Life) - I had never thought it could possibly be related to the sarin gas attacks...

Why Japan doesn't celebrate the Lunar New Year to the extent of its Asian neighbors (JETwit) - Did you know that many of the current holidays should have been changed/moved when Japan switched from the lunar calendar? Neither did I.

Hello Kitty's Citizenship Controversy: Is She British or Japanese? (TIME) - I am most amused that they actually called Sanrio about the whole thing. 

Automatic dishwashers: the square peg in the round hole of Japanese kitchens (Yen for Living) - Ever wonder why finding a "real" automatic dishwasher is so difficult in Japan? (I'm not counting those countertop things as the same, as I'm skeptical they work as well - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).


Would you order curry with everything on it from CoCo Ichiban? (Rocket News 24) - This looks and sounds truly disgusting. Would you try it? 

Okonomiyaki – Japanese Savory Pancake, Osaka Style (Lovely Lanvin) - Who doesn't like okonomiyaki?

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis/Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami-related

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