Japan Links - Dec 5, 2011

If you don't use Twitter or aren't following @survivingnjapan, I've compiled various interesting Japan-related links I've shared from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

Healthy eating in Tokyo http://t.co/kdX1EfE4

Karuizawa resort makes winter special http://t.co/gFJ48FR9

Season's Secrets in Tokyo http://t.co/dW26OcUN

First radiation limit set for school meals  http://t.co/3Rl6dt0L

A new Japan Portal, powered by Kyodo News, is out: http://t.co/3Ux1b4If

Power saving puts Christmas illuminations in a new light http://t.co/umD8KCLm

Dentsu announces hit products in Japan in 2011 http://t.co/rgsbFE6y (I'm still not sure about the people being "products" thing...)

The KFC-Christmas connection in Japan http://t.co/9No7R3jE

Gundam Rising Again In Tokyo Waterfront Next Spring http://t.co/d7SH29NR

Needles found in food in 5 Kitakyushu supermarkets http://t.co/RgLjgWYR

Warm Biz warming up http://t.co/WaOir95u

Rice from 5 Fukushima farms shows high radiation levels http://t.co/XZA6hxnT

Second appearance of La Nina may portend frigid winter for Japan http://t.co/6535DmP0

Top 60 Japanese Buzzwords of 2011 http://t.co/suHjFIWj

Panko Crusted Kabocha http://t.co/YuzxqW1B

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