interesting links around the web (September)

The lovely Autumn moon overlooking Oigawa River and Horai Bridge

How to be a good housewife in Japan
In case you were wondering...

Cutting Down On Disposable Chopsticks
You probably use them regularly when eating out in Japan, so check this out and carry a reusable pair with you.

The staggering cost of rebuilding Japanese castles
I really had no idea nor ever thought about the cost of rebuilding these historic landmarks, so that alone is interesting.

A Useful Re-use of Plastic Bottle Caps
Seriously. Good. Idea. Brilliant!

English teacher brings joy to orphans
Heart-warming, of course. My husband and I have been wanting to volunteer at a local orphanage but have met some resistance. Nice to see it's being done though.

Passive smoking kills 6,800 annually
Sometimes going out is just awful for me and my allergies with all the secondhand smoke in Japan. I had been speculating what kind of statistics they had for secondhand smoking in Japan...

Learn Japanese: Dates of the Month
Good info here for those trying to learn dates!

Mind - Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits
I'm sure the rest of you taking the JLPT as I am are studying hard (right? right??) and so here's some procrastination interesting ideas to take into consideration.

20+ Creative and Interesting Bento Box Art
Just cool.

Online Resources For Asian Ingredients
For those who do not live in Japan and were curious...

Tori no Karaage, Japanese Fried Chicken, a simple & delicious recipe for dinner
Who doesn't love a good recipe?

Japanese Noodle Tasting Dinner
Now there's an idea for a party!

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