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Shimizu Shopping Mall
For anyone who follows Surviving in Japan on Twitter (@survivingnjapan) you may have already seen these links (or perhaps seen them anyway) but for those of you who haven't, thought I would share some of them anyway. Enjoy.

Learn Japanese: Dates of the Month via Zonjineko - useful for the Japanese learners out there!

Easy fresh spring rolls with veggies and dipping sauce via Raw Bento - what can I say, I'm a foodie.

Mind - Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits via - of interest to learners of all types/ages.

The Dirt on Bleach: What Makes Chlorine Bleach Bad News? - what indeed? It's used quite regularly in a variety of products. And a cleaner of choice during Japan's humid summers. What do you think?

It only takes one to Tangorin - a tool for Japanese study/learning.

Summer Reads: Some Are Japan via Japan Society NY - scroll down the page to find it. It still feels like summer in Japan anyway.

Japanese food and beverages for diabetics and low-carb eaters via Just Hungry - useful info for those with diet restrictions or health-conscious eaters.

And, yes, just a few from Surviving in Japan (including one from the archives):

a guide to sanitary napkins in Japan - ladies, your comprehensive guide.

free .pdf download for how to do a furikomi (bank transfer)

how to find hydrogen peroxide - if you are trying to clean out your shower/bathroom/whatever-else-is-growing-mold-in-this-weather, and want to avoid bleach, try hydrogen peroxide. Of course, vinegar also works.

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