Wisteria in Shizuoka

Golden week showed up and brought the summer weather with it. As Spring has been cold, wet, and dreary, the sun and warmth were a welcome change. This also meant many days outside, sunscreen, BBQ, and of course, festivals. Fujieda city, in Shizuoka, held a Wisteria Festival (藤の花まつり, fuji no hana matsuri) from early April through May 5th, the end of Golden Week. My husband and I managed to visit a couple times, and by the last day, the wisteria were raining down everywhere. As the cherry blossoms have already come and gone, it was nice to experience the coming and going of the wisteria as well, even if only in few locations.

The Park - you'll notice everyone on paddle boats

A wisteria plant - there were many on the path around the park.

There were of course, other flowers.

Koinobori, carp streamers, are hung in honor of Children's Day (May 5) in Japan.


Looks like it's raining flowers...
Lots of folks come to enjoy the festival and flowers.

Here's the end of our short wisteria tour. The festival also ended that day so everyone was packing and cleaning up the park. Fujieda is an interesting place to visit if ever in Shizuoka, especially during late April/early May for the wisteria.

Off to Irago, Aichi this weekend for our anniversary getaway. More again, next week.

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